Austin Defenders AAU Basketball Program

Our Athletics & Healthy Living programs help children to understand the importance of incorporating physical education, exercise, and proper diets into their daily routines in order to be healthy citizens.  We have been in operation and coaching select teams since 2012.


5 Thoughts has recently partnered with Houston Defenders Basketball.   We are now one of the largest AAU clubs in Central Texas, and part of a premier AAU Basketball club.  We now have AAU Select and Academy teams from 2nd grade through 12th grade with additional training and college recruiting abilities.  This change helps with growing our relationship with high school coaches and college recruiters, as a few of our older players look to sign letters of intent next spring.  This alignment also enables our players to take advantage of many of our education and enrichment programs, keeping our focus on developing not just the athlete, but the student athlete.   This partnership also strengthens our core beliefs:  

  • All people have dignity, worth, and value
  • All children are entitled to an education
  • Cultural and individual diversity enriches the learning environment
  • A balanced learning experience occurs both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Every child can succeed if provided with the right opportunities to develop

Students who play for the Austin Defenders teams learn to make the connection between working hard on the court or field, as well as commiting to working hard off the court, in the class room, and their daily lives.  

For more information contact: 

Call/Text: (512) 203-1938