Why Urban Lyceum? Why Now?

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Urban Lyceum is needed in order to help close the achievement gap that exists among Central Texas’s middle school students, to ensure that more students are prepared to enter and succeed in college, and to prepare more students to join the growing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) work force. The success of Texas in the 21st century – its wealth and welfare – will depend on the ideas and skills of its population. As the world becomes increasingly dependent and focused on technology, the value of these assets will be determined in no small measure by the effectiveness of STEM education.


By creating a single gender co-institutional 6th-12th grade school, with a STEM-focused blended learning curriculum, we will be able to address the different learning needs of gender/race at a pivotal time in their development, close learning gaps among the students who attend Urban Lyceum, while aligning them to understand and become prepared to consider careers and opportunities within STEM related industries.

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